Juan Cui, Ph.D.

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Dr. Juan Cui is an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at UNL.  She has received PhD training in computational biology and bioinformatics from the National University of Singapore, particularly in the field of data mining and computational proteomics. Her research has been expanded to cancer informatics and systems biology since her postdoctoral training with Dr. Ying Xu at the University of Georgia. The primary research interest of her group at UNL is to develop systematic approaches that integrate computational modeling, -omics data analysis, and experimental validation to address important biological questions related to human disease. Specifically, her group's research topics include elucidation of cancer genome evolution, cancer biomarker identification and construction of microRNA regulation networks in obesity and cancer. She has published 38 scientific articles, co-authored a book in “cancer informatics”, and published three book chapters in the field of bioinformatics, computational biology, data analytics, and cancer research, plus two US patents in cancer diagnostic biomarkers discovery. She has also been actively involved in professional services including serving as members of editorial boards of bioinformatics journals and program committees of international bioinformatics conferences, and chairing bioinformatics workshops.

Research Interests:

Computational and systems biology, bioinformatics, cancer informatics, data mining and machine learning