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 Lab News: 

  • [Jan 2021] Welcome Sasan and Yingshan!
  • [Dec 2021] Congrats for passing your defense, Thuy!
  • [Oct 2021] Dan's HBFP database paper is accepted. Congrats!
  • [Aug 2021] Xinyi, we wish you a great study at Northeastern University!
  • [Jul 2021] Dr. Zeynep Hakguder and Dr. Haluk Dogan, congratulations on your graduation!!
  • [Jun 2021] New paper "Elucidation of Dynamic MicroRNA Regulations in Cancer Progression Using Integrative Machine Learning" has been accepted by Briefings in Bioinformatics.
  • [Jun 2021] Dan's paper has been accepted by Bioinformatics. Congrats!
  • [May 2021] We wish you a great start at UCSD, Yinchao and Sonal!
  • [May 2021] Congrats for passing your defense, Roland!
  • [Apri 2021] Sonal's paper has been accepted by Journal of Dairy Science. Congrats!
  • [Jan 2021] Collaborative work with Dr. Yu's group has been published at J. Extracell. Vesicles.
  • [Dec 2020] Congrats for passing your PhD defense, Dr. Sonal!
  • [Nov 2020] Congrats on Yinchao's paper published at IEEE BIBM!
  • [Oct 2020] Haluk's paper is accepted by BMC medical genomies. Congrats!
  • [Sep 2020] Dr. Cui talks about our recent work at BME seminar series.  
  • [Aug 2020] Dr. Cui becomes a new associate editor of journal Cancer Medicine. 
  • [Jun 2020] Accepted chapter co-authored by Adam and Juan in the book of Comprehensive Foodomics, Elsevier. 
  • [May 2020] We recived a new pilot award from the NIH-funded IDeA CTR program. 
  • [Mar 2020] Dan's work is published by Briefs in Bioinformatics.
  • [Nov 2019] Cui, Haluk and Zeynap organized a workshop on “Expository Representation Learning of Biomedical Data” at  IEEE BIBM 2019
  • [Oct 2019] Huaqing's paper is accepted by IEEE BIBM (acceptance rate: 18.5%)
  • [Jul 2019] Congrats on Huaqing's MS graduation!
  • [Jun 2019] Our paper "Circulating microRNA trafficking and regulation: computational principles and practice" has been accepted by Briefings in Bioinformatics.
  • [Jun 2019] Congrats on Guoku's paper pubilished at the Neurobiology of Aging.
  • [Apr 2019] Chris received the UCARE funding award for summer research. Congrats!
  • [Mar 2019] New Layman grant funds our cancer genome evolution project. 
  • [Mar 2019] "Unraveling exosome-enabled cancer signaling: An integrated genomic approach" presented at the American Association of Cancer Research (AACR).
  • [Feb 2019] Cui, Haluk and Zeynep organized a workshop on Machine Learning Theory and Applications at UNMC. 
  • [Jan 2019] New collaborative project is funded by Purina Mills. 
  • [Dec 2019] Congrats on Kan Liu's MS graduation!  
  • [Oct 2018] Dr. Cui talked about Computational challenges and solutions related to microRNA at the seminar series at UNL Statistics department.
  • [Sep 2018] Zeynep's paper "Genome-Scale MicroRNA Target Prediction through Clustering with Dirichlet Process Mixture Model" is published at BMC Genomics. Cheers!
  • [Aug 2018] Congratulations, Dr. Shu!! The 1st PhD from SBBI Lab. ~
  • [Apr 2018] Jiang recieved the CSE Outstanding Graduate Student Research 2017-2018 Award. Big congratulations!!
  • jiangaward
  • [Apr 2018] Dr. Cui gave a talk on "Multi-omics Integration Towards Understanding Non-coding RNA Regulation in Human Disease" at the Third Annual Midwest Bioinformatics Conference 2018, Columbia, MO.
  • [Apr 2018] Jiang won a NSF Travel Award from the conference on Predictive Inference and Its Applications, and a Young Investigator Grant from the first Midwest Statistical Machine Learning Colloquium. He will present his work at both conferences at Iowa State University in May.
  • [Apr 2018] Bruno, Milad and Megan's paper "A Mobile-Based Diet Monitoring System For Obesity Management" has been accepted by Journal of Health & Medical Informatics.
  • [Feb 2018] Tian and Jiang's paper "A Systematic Approach to RNA-Associated Motif Discovery" has been accepted by BMC Genomics.
  • [Feb 2018] Dr. Cui has been invited as section editor for the book project (Major Reference Work on “Comprehensive Foodomics”) to be published by Elsevier. 
  • [Dec 2017] Milad graduated with a MS degree. We will miss you, Milad ~~
  • [Nov 2017] Zeynep, Jiang, and Aditya presented at the IEEE BIBM conference, Kansas
  • [Sep 2017] Zeynep's paper "A New Statistical Model for Genome-Scale MicroRNA Target Prediction" has been accepted by IEEE BIBM 2017.
  • [Sep 2017] Jiang's paper "Dynamic and Modularized MicroRNA Regulation and Its Implication in Human Cancers" has been accepted by Scientific Reports.
  • [Jul 2017] Bruno's paper "A Survey on Automated Food Monitoring and Dietary Management Systems" has been accepted by Journal of Health & Medical Informatics.
  • [Jun 2017] Two book chapters have been accepted, to be included in Cancer and Noncoding RNAs and The Handbook of Nutrition, Diet and Epigenetics.
  • [Mar 2017] Nebraska Today news on our research - Nebraska tool boosts gene analysis
  • [Mar 2017] Jiang spoke about his experience with the Open Science Grid (OSG) "A Large-Scale Metagenomic Analysis Using OSG" at All Hands Meeting of the OSG hosted by the San Diego Supercomputer Center, La Jolla, CA.
  • jiangOSG
  • [Mar 2017] The SBBI group presented two posters at the NPOD Spring retreat and syposium 
  • npodMarch2017
  • [Jan 2017] Paper "Aberrant Expression of microRNA induced by high fructose diet impairs hepatic energy metabolic signaling" has been accepted by Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry.
  • [Jan 2017] Paper "Nutrition, microRNAs and human health" has been accepted by Advances in Nutrition.
  • [Nov 2016]  Jaycee graduated with a MS degree.  We will miss you, Jaycee ~~
  • [Nov 2016] Hanyuan and Bruno's paper has been accepted by Briefings in Bioinformatics (The 2nd ranked journal in the Mathematical & Computational Biology. IF:8.3)
  • [Oct 2016] Jaycee's paper has been accepted at the IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM) 2016.
  • [Sep 2016] Jiang presented his work at the 2nd Annal Symposium of Nebraska Center for the Prevention of Obesity Diseases (NPOD) and received the "Best Poster Presentation Award".
  • posterWinner2016
  • [Aug 2016] Tian Gao joined SBBI as the 5th Ph.D. student. Welcome Tian!
  • [Jul 2016] Milad Rad joined SBBI as the 3rd Master student. Welcome Milad!
  • [Jul 2016] Jiang presented our work on "Dynamic and modularized microRNA regulation and its implication in human cancers" at the Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB) 2016 , Orlando, Florida.
  • [Jul 2016] Jiang is invited to attend the Open Science Grid User School 2016 and received the scholarship.
  • [Jul 2016] Team earns a new grant from NIH and USDA!
  • [Jun 2016] Welcome our summer interns: Ashley Francisco (Senior, Lincoln East High School), Kaiyue Pan (undergraduate student from McGill University), Rodrigo Echegorri (exchange undergraduate student from Brazil), and Bicheng Wang (undergraduate student in the Dept. of Mathematics)!
  • [Apr 2016] Jiang and Bruno presented their project posters at the NPOD Spring Retreat.
  • [Apr 2016] Our group has received the layman award from UNL ORED.
  • [Apr 2016] Our group has received the team strengthening seed grant award from the "Food for Health Initiative" supported by ORED
  • [Apr 2016] Dr. Cui was invitated to talk on "Bioinformatics tools and databases for the analysis of nutrition, microRNA, and human health" at the Experimental Biology (EB) conference 2016, San Diego, CA
  • [Mar 2016] Two SBBI servers have been renamed to falcon (computing) and panda(storage).
  • [Feb 2016] Dr. Cui was invited to talk on "MicroRNA regulation in obesity and cancer" in the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC).
  • [Jan 2016] Chunxiao Liao and Bruno Vieira joined SBBI as the 3rd and 4th Ph.D. students. Welcome Bruno and Chunxiao!
  • [Nov 2015] Jiang presented his paper at the IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM), Washington, D.C., 2015
  • [Sep 2015] Jiang's paper has been accepted by PLoS ONE.
  • [Sep 2015] Jiang presented his work at the 1st Annal Symposium of Nebraska Center for the Prevention of Obesity Diseases (NPOD) and received the "Best Poster Presentation Award".
  • [Sep 2015] Jiang's paper has been accepted at the IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM) 2015.
  • [Aug 2015] Xiaoxue Wen joined SBBI for undergraduate research. Welcome Xiaoxue!
  • [Aug 2015] Hanyuan Zhang joined SBBI as our 2nd Ph.D. student. Welcome Hanyuan!
  • [Jul 2015] Dr. Cui was invited to speak at the Interantional Workshop on Cancer System Biology (ICSB) 2015 in Jilin, China
  • [Jun 2015] Dr. Cui was invited to serve on the TCP for The ACM Conference on Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, and Health Informatics (ACM-BCB) 2015.
  • [Jun 2016] Welcome Lindsay Perez (Senior, Lincoln East Highschool) for as our summer intern!
  • [Jun 2015] Kevin Chiang accepted a job offer from Tesla as a data engineer. Congratulations, Kevin!!
  • [May 2015] Jaycee Han joined our group as a Master student. Welcome Jaycee!
  • [May 2015] Kaiyue Pan from School of Engineering at Mcgill University joined our group as the first visiting student. Welcome Kaiyue!
  • [Apr 2015] The Dietary MicroRNA Database paper has been accepted for publicaton in PLoS ONE. Congratulations, Kevin!
  • [Apr 2015] Jiang presented his work on "Computational characterization of microRNA-mediated association between Obesity and Cancer" at AACR Annual Meeting 2015, Pheladelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • [Apr 2015] Dr. Dongyu Zhao from the Chinese Academy of Sciences joined our group as the first post-doc. Welcome Dongyu!
  • [Mar 2015] Dr. Cui co-hosted the 1st NPOD annual retreat on “Translating Big Data into Human Health through MicroRNA Biology” funded by ORED BIG IDEA planning grant, UNL
  • [Feb 2015] Drs. Leen Kiat, Miller and Cui organized three workshops entitiled “CS4Everyone: Computer Science is for Everyone ” as part of the Nebraska Women in Science Conference. Thanks to Jiang, Chunxiao, Natasha and Doug for your assistance during the event!
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  • [Dec 2013] Dr. Cui was invited to speak on “Genome and metabolic studies in gastric cancer” in UNMC

  • [Nov 2013] Dr. Cui was invited to serve the editorial board of JSM Computer Science & Engineering.

  • [Oct 2013]  Dr. Cui received the Courtesy Assistant Professor appointment from the School of Biological Science, UNL

  • [Sep 2013] Kevin Chiang joined SBBI as the first graduate student. Welcome Kevin!

  • [Sep 2013] Dr. Cui gave a talk on “From Diagnostic Biomarker Discovery to Molecular Mechanism Study: a bioinformatics approach to gastric cancer research” in the School of Biological science, UNL